K4SV – Today you guys were booming on 20, great work!  You made a bunch of folks happy.

VE3LYC – Fantastic job, please say “Thank You” from me. That was the strongest I’ve heard you guys on 30/40 m during this trip.

F6ENO – Very big congratulations to you and your team for this nice DXpedition ! Your signal was often very good here, in France. It was so nice to have a QSO with you on 40m. Pse QSP my congratulations to all the team and I wish a long life to EIDX group. Best 73 and see you soon from another country.

W4TJE – Y’all guys are doing such a great job, putting 9N on the air, and tnx so much for ur efforts to work stateside. It is a very difficult path from 9N to stateside, but ur efforts to listen for us are paying off. OQRS says that Pat was the operator for my 40m qso, and David was the op for my 30m qso.

EI8FH – Excellent job , you have set the bar very high for a new group. Looking forward to the next one!

EA2DT – CONGRATULATIONS for the good DX Expedition 9N7EI.

K9PG – 9N7EI in the log for an All Time New One in 31 years! Weak and fluttery on 14017 / 14021.5 …. those Irish fellas have some good ears! Thanks amigos!

W1XS – Special mention to thank the team for a fantastic effort with NA and best wishes to the EIDX Group.

M0HDX – A big thank you to the 9N7EI team for all your hard work and effort. You all did a fantastic job running the huge pileups, It was fun working you guys.My best wishes to the EIDX group.

EI7BA – Congrats to all the team. I’m delighted that you exceeded your 30k QSO target. I’m very proud that you all excelled in every area. Operating standards were extremely high, very business like, but yet friendly and engaging. I heard absolutely NO attempts at DQRM, and no complaints from anybody. Even stateside stations seemed to be aware that you were doing your best to get them logged, even though it was a very difficult path. Thanks again to all concerned. Have a safe journey home.

VK2IG – Thank you for your DXpedition, and thank you for listening for and working VK!

ZL2IFB – You guys did really well!  I’m pleased to have caught you guys on so many bands, especially having filled 3 new band-mode slots. I made a note in my log about your ops being ‘patient listeners’, a very beneficial characteristic for DXers I’d say! Congrats to all the team on a job well done.

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