We are proudly sponsored by Icom UK and are excited to be running with the latest all singing, all dancing IC-7300 SDR radio. Complement this with the robust Acom 1010 amplifier along with SP7IDX Technology Hexbeam antennas, not forgetting about verticals for LF, we will be QRV on all bands from 80m through 10m, all modes.


With up to 5 stations QRV continuously for 10 days, we have a realistic target in excess of 30,000 QSOs which will put us on the GDXF Mega DXpeditions Honour Roll table.

We aim to give the Nepal DXCC to as many as possible while concentrating on difficult to reach areas at the same time. When band conditions allow, we will have 1 station on SSB, CW and Digital.


  • 6 x Icom IC-7300 Transceivers
  • 4 x Acom 1010 Amplifiers
  • 3 x SP7IDX Technology Hexbeam Antennas
  • 1 x WARC Spiderbeam 30m, 17m & 12m
  • 1 x 30m vertical
  • 1 x 40m vertical
  • 1 x 80m vertical
  • 2 sets Dunestar Bandpass filters
  • 1.1 Kms Messi & Paoloni Coax cable (Ultraflex 7 and Airbourne 5)
  • Various interfaces, cables, accessories etc…